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FAQ - Kayra
Can I shop without a membership?
You don't have to be a member to shop. You can shop without membership, but being a member gives you priority in delivering campaigns, special announcements and opportunities.
How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership, you can start your cancellation process by selecting the "Cancel My Membership" option in the "My Membership Information" section under My Account.
Password Reminder
Enter your e-mail address that you used when you registered to our site from the "I forgot my password" option in the "Member Login". After a short time you will be sent a special link to your e-mail address where you can renew your password and you will be able to set a new password on the relevant page.
Where can I see my orders?
You can see all your orders under "My Orders" on the "My Account" page. You can also access your cargo tracking number from this screen.

In what ways can I pay?
You can shopping with credit card in Turkey. You can use alternative payment options such as credit card for orders you make abroad.

When will my order be shipped?
Your orders are prepared and delivered to the cargo within 48 working hours.
I want to change my delivery address, how can I do?
You can change your order address in the "My Addresses" section of the "My Account" page or you can define your new address by clicking the "define a new address" button before the purchase process. This address will appear as the delivery address for your next order. After your order has been confirmed and your shopping is completed, your order address cannot be changed.
How Do I Return?
- There are no return or change for orders outside Turkey.
- The product you want to return must be unused, undamaged and with all accessories.
- The return exchange form behind the invoice must be completely filled.
- You must return the product with the original invoice to the contract shipping company (UPS CARGO). You must send the product to the address on the invoice. Agreement Code: 7AT697
-Return can be made within the first 14 working days after the product is received. Otherwise, it will never be accepted.
Return Address:
İvedikköy Mah. 1492 Cad. No:11 1.Kat Yenimahalle / ANKARA